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Om marble Marble & Granite Stones

May 26, 2018
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About Us

Who Are We?

Om Marble & Granite and Marble (OGM), has been the leader in natural stone kitchens and bathrooms in southwestern Ontario for over 50 years. We’ve maintained long term relationships with the best suppliers on each continent to offer our customers a wide variety of the most interesting granite, marble, limestone, and quartzite slabs in the world. And we carry beautiful quartz from the top suppliers globally.

From the Quarry to the Kitchen

Are you are looking for the most durable, striking looking and easiest to maintain Kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity? the answer is: Natural Stone!

Natural stone is quarried on all seven continents. Huge 50,000 lb blocks are cut, sliced into slabs then polished or honed to enhance the brightness giving the stone hundreds of different colours a unique sense of depth.

You will be able to choose the stone of your liking not from a little sample but from the actual slab your counter will be cut!

With the help of the most modern computerized CNC machines, OGM is also able to shape to perfection any custom design without forgetting the importance of the manual touch on all our pieces.

Hand polishing each edge is still the best way to achieve perfection.

Maintaining your new counter is much easier than you could ever think possible.  After the installation we apply a very good quality sealer to the stone that will give you years of trouble free use. (every stone is different and we will advise you of the different needs).  We recommend using a cleaner, polisher, sealer spray product that we supply with every installation and that is it!

In case of any doubts about the condition of your counter just give us a call and we will come to your place to assess the possible problem, if any.

Granite & Quartzite

GraniteImage GalleryImage GalleryImage Gallery

A popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its high density, resistance to scratches and longevity. With unmatched durability, granite is often used as flooring in residential and commercial buildings. Pits should be expected with all polished surfaces; this will not affect durability or quality. The application of a glossy resin to fill voids and fissures is common to produce a more cosmetically attractive surface. Typical finishes: polished, honed, flamed, brushed, leather.


Image GalleryImage GalleryImage GalleryImage GalleryImage Gallery

Quartzite is a compact and dense rock that is mostly used for counter tops. Light coloured quartzite is popular due to its modern feel and cutting edge look. The application of a glossy resin to fill voids and fissures is common to produce a more cosmetically attractive surface. Some softer quartzite may be sensitive to acidic products and may require special care. Typical finishes: polished, honed and leather.

Marble & Other Stones …

MarbleBy industry standards, all calcereous rocks capable of taking a polish are called marble. One of the most popular stones for home interiors instilling a sophisticated feel to any decor. Used for floors, walls, fireplaces, furniture and vanity tops. The application of a glossy resin to fill voids and fissures is common to produce a more cosmetically attractive surface. Care for marble as you would any fine wood finish. Typical finishes: polished, honed and brushed.

Because quartz is non-porous it naturally resists stains and bacteria, making it an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom installations. It’s very durable and resists chips and scratches making it ideal for countertops and high traffic applications.


One of nature’s oldest and most versatile building materials. Each type of limestone has its own characteristics adding natural texture to any residential and commercial project. Limestone has a soft and warm feel that creates a timeless and modern look. Most limestones have a low abrasion resistance and will develop a patina rapidly. Care for limestone as you would any fine wood finish. Typical finish: honed.


Characterized by the presence of holes that were formed from water flowing through the stone. These voids are often factory-filled with synthetic resins or cements but they can also remain open and unfilled. Most monuments in Rome are made from travertine, which says a lot about this stone’s notoriety and longevity. Travertine will take a patina and dull over time, giving it an old world look. Care for travertine as you would any fine wood finish. Typical finishes: polished and honed.


Onyx is a colourful and translucent rock that will reveal its magnificence when backlit. The character of onyx makes it a popular choice for walls, furniture and vanity tops. Important colour and pattern variations are typical of this material. Onxy has a low abrasion resistance and will wear rapidly when installed on a floor application. Requires special care. Typical finish: polished.


Slate is used in living areas, entryways, and kitchen floors for an earthy, natural look. The cleft finish may temporarily chip or flake after installation as the layers even out. Typical finishes: natural cleft, honed and brushed.


Soapstone is used mostly for countertops, sinks and fireplaces. Do not seal soapstone: rub out scratches with mineral oil or by lightly sanding them.



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